Who We Are


Focusing on the Old School, tried and true strength training methods rather than fads and gimmicks

I am the admin at Forgotten Strength Secrets on Facebook, and the author of a number of Old School focused books that contain not primarily my own thoughts and wisdom, but that of the great strength and bodybuilding legends that have gone before us. As a Christian believer, I also share some spiritual inspiration here on the website for those who are interested in these things.

Chuck Ahrens displays incredible upper body power here... Muscle Beach, 50s.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise of the masters compiled over many years

Learn the secrets that made the old school strength training heroes of the past what they were, without ignoring more modern methods and programs built on the foundational  bones laid down by our ancestors and mentors.


Take a step back in time, get inspired, pay homage to the great strength legends of our recent past.

My books are available on Amazon and are listed on the "shop" page here at the site. Also, please enjoy the Inspiration pages and other valuable content you'll find here.